• Depends entirely on You. You can model any course with the help of our platform.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to decide for itself what will be included in the training according to its individual needs.
  • You pay only for the resource and services You actually use.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the below mentioned prices.
  • Any changes to the below mentioned prices affect only future courses.
Resource or Service Final price Includes
Forum FREE Registration, account and support at our forum.
Learning resources FREE Course presentations and materials.
Theory tests 50 BGN Unlimited online tests, during the course.
Homeworks validation 50 BGN We will check how well you have solved the tasks given after each lecture and You will get review feedback.
Final exam 100 BGN Certificate, if You successfully pass the exam.
Practical exercises (Judge system)* 100 BGN You can sharpen Your skills with our practical tasks after each lecture. Solve the problems and submit Your solutions. Our system will check their correctness right away.
Remote Virtual Workshops 200 BGN After couple of lectures we will setup a practical lab with a trainer, to practice what You have learned so far.
Interactive online lectures with Trainer 250 BGN Attend real-time virtual trainings on the course topics.

* The service is available only to groups.

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