Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the groups?

Based on our experience we believe that the ideal number is 7-8 people. This allow us to pay personal attention to each of you.

How can i make a payment?

Once You sign up for a course, we will send You bank payment details. As a gift, we offer the chance of paying after the second lecture. 

Is there a discount if I sign up for a following course?

Yes. Any candidate who signup any of our other courses, will receive a 15% discount.

What is included in one training session?

Depending on the course and the material that needs to be covered, a training session may be between 2 and 4 hours. There is a break of about 15 minutes after each hour. Classes include lectures with live demonstrations, questions and practical exercises.  

How are our homeworks evaluated?

The evaluation is done via our System. After downloading the homework, You should check its correctness and fill in the online questionnaire about the implementation. The purpose of the evaluation is to describe what works, what does not work, what was done well and what could be improved further.  

When the lectures from courses are held? What is their duration?

Twice a week, outside working hours in order to be comfortable for everyone. Between 2 and 4 hours, which include training and exercises. 

What if I can not attend any training sessions or workshops?

You have access to all necessary materials for the current course, so You can catch up with tests, exercises and homeworks at home.  

Is there a maximum size of files I upload as exercise or homework?

Yes, this is indicated for each of them and usually ranges between 2 - 8MB.  

Do I get comments on my homeworks?

Yes. Every student should make review and evaluate at least 3 homeworks of the rest of the group members after each lecture. We think this is a good way to learn something new or strengthened what was already learned.
It will also help You in Your real job after the course!

How can I get an invoice for the payment that I have made?

Once we prepare it, we will send it to You via courier service.

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