Job interview preparation


  • What to expect
  • Solving real interview tasks
  • Most common interview questions and answers
  • CV recommendations

What to expect

The perfect candidate?

Relative work experience


Read lots - blogs, articles, groups, books

Write lots - Github, blog, magazines

What Really Happens

  • Knowledge Questions
  • Design (+ whiteboard example)
  • Problem Solving
  • Coding skills

Your strategy

  • Scope the problem
  • Ask questions! QAs ask many...
  • Figure out biggest components
  • Discuss tradeoffs
  • Think about challenges/bottlenecks
  • TEAMWORK attitude (cultural fit)!

Solving real interview tasks

General IT knowledge

Q: You have a dropdown/select element which should be populated with country cities. But today it is empty. What could be the cause?

A: Open browser console. Check JS errors. Use Network tab, check AJAX/server requests if any.

General HTTP knowledge

Q:Name at least 3 HTTP request types and when they are used with a RESTful web service?

A:GET: Retrieves data from the server (should only retrieve data and should have no other effect).

A:POST: Sends data to the server for a new entity. It is often used when uploading a file or submitting a completed web form.

A:DELETE: Removes data from the server.

General QA knowledge

Q: Desing top 3 test cases for a date-time input.

A: Using BVA design tests for happy path first, then leap year and finally special characters/invalid input.

General QA tools knowledge (depends on the team)

Q: What parts of an HTTP request Postman allows us to use?

A: The four parts of an HTTP request are the URL, method, headers, and the body.

General QA frameworks knowledge

Q: How Selenium WebDriver API works in general?

A: For each Selenium command, a HTTP request is created and sent to the browser driver. Then the browser driver uses a HTTP server for getting the HTTP requests. After that the HTTP server determines the steps needed for implementing the Selenium command. Then the implementation steps are executed on the browser and the execution status is sent back to the HTTP server. Finally the HTTP server sends the status back to the automation script

Most common interview questions and answers

Job details

The best way to prepare for particular job and compnay is to do your homework. Go to the company's web site and see what is their tech stack, visit "Careers" page and see what are they working with.

Read carefully what the company needs and expects from the candidate ("Requirements" section). Once you know what to look for - use online resources to prepare yourself!

CV recommendations

CV recommendations

  • Length: 1 – 2 pages.
  • 1 – 2 lines per bullet.
  • 3 – 6 bullets per company / position.
  • Projects.
  • Clear accomplishments.
  • Technical… But not overwhelming.

The Pitch / Resume Walk-Through

  • Tell us something that is not in your resume!
  • Your Past Work/Projects
    • challenges, design/architecture
    • tradeoffs, motivations
    • mistakes, successes